Truck Driving Resumes

Once you've completed a training program at a truck driver school and are ready to find a job, you will need to put together a professional truck driver resume. Even though you might not have a lot of work experience to include on your resume, a potential employer will still need some information about your CDL training program, when you got your Commercial Driver's License, and any advanced skills you acquired during your training program.

You can create a customized version of the resume for the specific company you apply for and also include a personal statement that indicates why you are interested in the position. Looking at a truck driving resume sample can give you a better idea of what to include in your own resume, and what type of information a potential employer might be looking for.

Key Components of a Truck Driver Resume

The key components of a truck driver resume include:

  • Objective or professional goals - a brief statement indicating what you plan to do with your truck driving career, and how you expect to contribute to the company you are applying for. This can include the same details you've touched upon in your cover letter and shouldn't be longer than three to five sentences in length.
  • Training - a short description of the school or training program you completed in order to prepare for your CDL exam. You should include the number of months or weeks of training, a short listing of any advanced or specialized courses completed, and any advanced skills you acquired.
  • Experience - if you did get a chance to complete an externship or hands-on training with a specific company during your training program, make sure to include it in this section. If you've worked for other trucking companies throughout your career, list the company, your position, and three to four key duties and responsibilities in a bulleted list here.

Your prospective employer may ask for references at some point during your interview. You do not necessarily have to list references on your resume, unless the job listing requests it specifically.

Reviewing a Truck Driving Resume Sample

One of the easiest ways to put together your professional resume is by looking at a truck driving resume sample. You can find dozens of sample resumes online, and can review some of the details and lists included in these as a template. Narrow down your search by searching for samples that are specific to the job or position you are applying for, and pay attention to the layout and how much detail each section includes. Remember that a potential employer only needs an overview of your trucking experience, your goals, and your key skills and training.

Be as thorough as possible but also edit out unnecessary information. You will have the chance to describe your goals and talk about your experience at some point during the interview process. The truck driver resume is just a summary of your skills, training, and experience, and will usually be no longer than a single page in length.