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Essential Tips On Securing Your First Truck Driving Job

You’re probably nervous, anxious, excited – or a combination of all three – to secure your first truck driving job after finishing your truck driver training program. The future of the trucking industry looks good and truck drivers with specialized experience can look forward to even more opportunities in the next ten years. But how do you get that first job and launch a successful career in the trucking industry? If you didn’t finish a company-sponsored training program, you’ll need to do the legwork to secure a job in your area or consider moving elsewhere to land an attractive position.  

Here are some essential tips for landing your first trucking job:

  1. Put together a solid resume. All truck drivers – even those without any experience – need a professional resume to present to their employers. Draft a resume that includes information on where you went to school or received training, any advanced skills you have, and what your career goals are. Make sure you include all examples of actual hands-on experience and training you’ve received, especially if you were trained on a particular type of truck or machine.
  2. Read trucking magazines to learn more about trucking companies in your area. Head to the nearest bookstore or library to read some of the latest industry magazines and publications. Many have a listing of major trucking companies in the back, as well as a classifieds section that may list some open jobs and other opportunities you would be a good match for. Make sure you write down all of the key details of the job, the contact person’s name and email address, and other relevant information so that you can send in your application well before the deadline.
  3. Hit the Web. You can also find out which trucking companies are hiring with some quick online research. Check job listings in your local area and use job search sites to narrow down the field of options available in this industry. This can take some time so you’ll need to be patient and prepared to apply with your resume right away.
  4. Locate manufacturers and distribution centers in your area. You’ll need to track down some companies that use company trucks regularly and talk to their human resources manager to find out if they are hiring. If you have a business card, be sure to take this with you. You may be required to fill out a preliminary application or complete a brief interview with the hiring manager to see if you would be a good fit, and learn more about what types of jobs the companies might have available.

Review information posted on trucking organizations and associations. There are a number of trucking organizations and associations that list job opportunities and also serve as a valuable resource for truckers. Get in touch with the American Trucking  Association, the National Association of Independent Truckers, and the Owner Operator Independent Drivers Association for assistance. These organizations can provide some great member benefits and also make it easier to secure that first job after you get your CDL truck driving license.

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