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Why Truck Driving Is the World’s Best Job

If you’re looking for a career change or have always wanted to work in the trucking industry, consider the benefits of becoming a truck driver. Truck drivers earn a fairly attractive salary and demand for skilled drivers is always on the rise. Hundreds of trucking companies around the globe need experienced truck drivers for short and long-haul routes, and to manage a fleet of trucks in various locations. This job also offers a lot of perks for people who don’t want to work a regular office job.

Here are just eight reasons why being a truck driver is the best job in the world:

#1: Travel opportunities. Most truck drivers have the chance to cross several state lines on a single route and can travel to dozens of places they might otherwise not visit in their entire lifetime. Truck drivers do spend a good amount of time on the road and will pass through many cities and towns on any given route.

#2: Strong job security. Unlike many other industries, trucking is a growing industry and demand for truck drivers is expected to be steady and even increase over the next few decades. There is an ongoing shortage of drivers and thousands of companies and organizations are still in need of shipping and transportation services.

#3: Freedom. Truck drivers must be fairly self-reliant because they don’t have a boss looking over their shoulder all the time. They need to keep themselves on a schedule and communicate with their supervisor or team regularly. This job does offer a lot of freedom because you need to figure out how many driving hours it will take to get to your next destination, map out your route, and navigate your way to your final destination.

#4: Plenty of free time. The life of a trucker gives you plenty of alone time on the road. You can listen to audio books or self-improvement CDs on your routes to pick up some valuable life skills and lessons. You’ll have the chance to visit new destinations and meet some new people along the way. This job does give you plenty of free time and long periods of rest.

#5: Job flexibility. Unless you’re working under a contract for a particular company, you have the freedom to choose a job anywhere in the country. As long as you have the skills and experience, you’ll find a number of desirable trucking jobs in your location of choice.

#6: Salary and wages. Most truck drivers make a minimum of $35,000 per year in their first year and continue to enjoy a salary increase for each year that they put in. This is enough for most people to manage a small household and pay for everyday expenses. Since you’ll be on the road so often, you probably won’t have as many living expenses as the average office worker and could end up saving more in the long-run.

#7: Plenty of exercise. Even though driving a truck involves long periods of time sitting behind the wheel, you might also be involved with loading and unloading items along the way. These activities can build strength and endurance to give you a great workout while you’re on the clock.

#8: Opportunity to earn bonuses. Many of the best trucking companies offer a bonus for truck drivers that maintain a good safety record or for those that complete a certain amount of routes on time. You could end up earning much higher than the average through these types of bonus programs.

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