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Best Education Value: Trucking School

If you want to drive a bus, truck, van, or any other type of commercial vehicle, you might have considered attending a truck driving school to get your training. While formal training is not a requirement to get your Commercial Driver’s License (CDL), it will help you better prepare for the exam and can also increase your chances of securing a job right after you complete training.

Demand for truck drivers continues to increase and you’ll find a wide range of job opportunities, wages, and even flexible work schedules in this industry. Attending truck driving school can open up a wealth of possibilities for your career and might also offer the best value for your money than any other vocational school. Here are the key reasons why:

Short Training Programs

Many truck driver training programs are only a few weeks to a few months in length. Unlike many vocational school programs that can last up to a year, you will be qualified to drive a truck within a few short months. Even though they are relatively short programs, they are fairly intensive and will require your full focus and dedication. It’s generally a good idea to not be working while attending truck driving school because you need as much time and energy as possible to complete the program and prepare for the CDL exam.

Extensive Hands-on Training

Most truck driving training programs involve extensive hands-on training where you learn all of the safety procedures for different vehicles, road safety protocol, and also master truck operations. You’ll take a series of advanced courses that allow you to earn several hours of behind-the-wheel experience. Other vocational schools may not offer these types of opportunities and you might find that you have to get hands-on experience somewhere else. 

Company-Sponsored Training Options

If you want to work with a specific company or drive a vehicle by a certain manufacturer, you could apply for a company-sponsored truck driving training program. These programs give you plenty of behind-the-wheel experience and allow you to master driving a specific type of vehicle. Company-sponsored training programs can also prepare you for a successful career with that company and will require a commitment of one year or more to receive financial benefits. If you can’t afford to pay for school and want to get as much hands-on training as possible, a company-sponsored training program could offer in-depth training you won’t find at any trade school or vocational school.

Job Security

According to the U.S. Truck Driver Shortage Analysis and Forecasts, job opportunities for truck drivers are expected to continue to increase steadily since 2005. You’ll find a number of positions you are eligible to apply for when you come out of truck driving school. Some schools also offer career placement benefits and can help you track down a trucking company or employer that will be a good match for you. Not all vocational schools can guarantee a job right after completing their training program, and some don’t offer any type of career placement benefits. You’ll find that most truck driving schools are very focused on getting their graduates employed and can help you get started on an exciting career in the trucking industry.

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